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A visual Guide to Barrfields Theatre
Vikingar Entrance.jpg

Barrfields Theatre is part of the Vikingar complex. This is the main entrance. Entrance doors are below the Vikingar sign. This entrance has an accessible ramp on the right
hand side.

reception area.jpg

This is the main reception. Straight ahead is the bar area and the accessible ramp in to the main theatre stalls area.
On the left is the lift to the balcony area and the stairs to the box office and main theatre entrances.

stairs to box office a theatre entrance includes lift.jpg

This is how you get to the box office and main theatre entrance.
A lift is available for access to the balcony. Please note the lift comes out in the gym. On leaving the lift turn right and pass through the doors in to the balcony entrance area.

Box office and entrance to stalls.jpg

This is the box office and entrance in to the stalls area and the balcony area for rows AA to CC.
You can wait here while you wait for the theatre to open.

The toilets are on the left.

Stairs to balcony entrance.jpg

For tickets in row DD and above these are the stairs to access the balcony.

balcony entrance top of stairs.jpg

This is the entrance to the balcony area. Toilets are available through the doors on the left hand side.

Balcony entrance.jpg

This is one of the doors in to the balcony seating. Your seat numbers for the balcony will
determine which door you enter. Ushers will be available if you require guidance.

main theatre.jpg

Main Theatre

accessible access to stalls area.jpg

This is the accessible access to the stalls area.

Bar area.jpg

This is our bar area.

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